We’re building a new method of mental health care.

Transformative Medicine is a system that supports humans in healing themselves, and reaching their fullest potential. 

It provides the tools, methods, and support to achieve true holistic healing - incorporating the mind, body, and emotions. The current global renaissance in the research of entheogenic plants and compounds repeatedly demonstrates that these substances affect remarkable outcomes in the treatment of the most complex mental health disorders: depression, anxiety, trauma, and addiction. They have also been shown to impact neuromuscular disorders, autoimmune diseases, and traumatic brain injury.

The data is irrefutable: Psychoactive medicines generate new brain cells and rearchitect pathways in the brain. 



Cannabinoids demonstrate a significant pain-reducing effect compared with placebo in the treatment of non-cancer, neuropathic pain for conditions such as fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis



Studies have shown that 60%-70% of people with treatment- resistant depression respond to ketamine. 50% of heroin addicts remain abstinent after one year.



After MDMA-assisted therapy, 68% of treatment-resistant PTSD patients no longer demonstrated signs of trauma.



When treated with psilocybin, 67% of people with treatment-resistant depression showed improvement; 80% of people with end-of-life anxiety showed significant gains.

Beyond healing the root causes of mental illness,  psychoactive medicines foster connections to fellow humans and to nature, and provide an overall sense of meaning and well-being. 

As powerful as these substances are, they’re not magic pills.
They must be paired with a comprehensive integration regimen, including changing behaviors and adopting supportive lifestyle practices. We develop guidelines and personalized protocols for all legal entheogens and psychoactive compounds.

Our Mission

To merge mainstream Western medicine with nature-based healing technologies that have been applied across various cultures for thousands of years.

Our Medium

An online platform with the option of additional telehealth support that includes intuitive and clear guidelines and methods for integrating healing compounds safely, compassionately, and comprehensively. 

Our Mantra

We’re leading the charge to unleash the healing power of nature and activate our inherent ability to self-regenerate. We collaborate with organizations that share our passion to make entheogens and ancient knowledge both widely available and affordable. 

Our Partners

We’ve established partnerships with the leading scientific bodies of psychoactive research dedicated to expanding the Transformative Medicine movement, including M.A.P.S (Multidisciplinary Association of Psychoactive Studies) and The Beckley Foundation.