NANA is the world’s first
integrative solution for mental health care and wellness 

We call it Transformative Medicine

as seen in:

The wise healer, considered the highest
form of power in the world's oldest traditions






We’re building a new approach to mental wellness.

Our therapeutic regimen focuses on personal empowerment, lifestyle enhancements, and the progressive dosing of legal psychoactive medicines.

Our integration program covers mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Think of it as a roadmap to a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.

NANA provides
each member with a personalized protocol

1. Assess

2. Personalize

3. Prepare

4. Experience

5. Integrate

6. Optimize

24/7 Digital Education & Personal Support

Our platform provides the tools, educational content, and emotional support system required to best integrate mystical experiences and solidify personal transformation.

Psychoactive Healing
Wraparound Services

NANA provides a detailed protocol for guiding every member from assessment and preparation through integration.

Our integrated curriculum covers the practical content necessary to administer psychoactive compounds, integrate mystical experiences, and solidify enduring changes in the lives of members.

Psychospiritual Integration

Health Optimization

Life Improvement Protocol

Human Experience Center/Lab

Each NANA center provides a welcoming, serene environment dedicated to the effective preparation, administration, and integration of approved psychoactive medicines.


Welcome to
Transformative Medicine

Discover your personal path to a happier life


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