A perspective on transformation from our founder

The human race has lost its way.

We have lost half of the world's wildlife in the past 40 years, half of our trees and a quarter of our water. Although we are meant to be the most highly evolved civilisation on earth, we are the only species that needs to devastate all others in the pursuit of sustaining itself.

The human species are sentient tripartite beings: mind, body and heart. We have in recent history focused on the mind and body alone, ignoring our heart and emotions for far too long. We have become so detached from our hearts that we don’t realise the consequences of our actions. We have lost our connection and compassion. The daily occurring cruelty to other beings, to our environment, our excessive attachment to short term material gain devastates everything including now, ourselves.  

Even big corporations and governments are starting to realise that the system is systematically failing but are lacking the tools, structures and consciousness to effectively address this. The significant effect on the human species from this is most obvious in the areas of our health & well being, love & sexuality, and education, which are all intertwined and completely interdependent.

Since the origin of modern churches our most ancestral practices have been suppressed and proclaimed evil. We lost our emotional connections when human sexuality was stigmatised and prohibited. Ancient rituals and plant based medicines (aimed at healing and connecting with the wisdom and power of the universe) have been replaced with modern drugs that treat the symptoms rather than the causes, often creating addictions and dependencies with a focus on profit rather than any kind of wellbeing.

There is a better path forward.

The time has come to start to revisit our ancestral heritage before it is too late. Now is the time to reawaken ourselves to the original wisdom, practices and medicines that have been used constructively and safely for thousands of years. These practices are holistic by design, they treat us as the sentient beings we are, equipped with our innately powerful tools - the body, the mind and the heart. With this understanding, we have an opportunity to redefine what being human is about.