A perspective on transformation from our founder

Humanity has lost its way.

Over the past century, we’ve ravaged the planet’s wildlife, forests, and water supply while suffocating our empathy and emotions. We are arguably the most highly evolved species on Earth – yet we’re the only one devastating its own habitat.

Humans are sentient tripartite beings: equal parts body, mind, and heart. In order to lead fulfilling lives in harmony with one another and the environment, we must nurture all three aspects of our beings. But so many of us have placed outsized importance on the development of the mind and body that the heart – the container for our emotions – has withered.

The modern approach to mental wellness is similarly out of balance. Western medicine focuses on masking the symptoms of mental illness, or dulling the pain. It’s an effective approach for the companies that make pills for profit, but it does little to encourage true healing among the suffering masses.

This unbalanced approach to life and medicine is destroying our health and wellbeing while disconnecting us from nature and the long-term consequences of our actions.

There is a better path forward.

It’s time to revisit our ancestral heritage and reunite with our surroundings. We must harness the tools that nature has provided in order to honor and nourish our full selves.

It’s time to reawaken and explore the wisdom and power of natural medicines – constructively and safely, just as they have been used by our ancestors for thousands of years.

Psychoactive medicines play a potent role in a holistic healing process that treats all aspects of our being: equal parts body, mind, and heart. They provide an opportunity to recalibrate the relationship between humans and  nature, to  show the way to living more meaningfully, to restore empathy and compassion, and help us to love more deeply.  

These medicines hold the key to unlocking the wisdom, joy, and love in our hearts. It’s time to use them in the way that nature has always intended.