Women are the Heart and Soul of our model for Transformative Medicine.

The dissociative - or mystical - experiences triggered by psychoactive compounds tend to be truly
awe-inspiring journeys. But they can
also be scary.

Making the most of such experiences, and fully incorporating the lessons they reveal, requires careful attention to set and setting, and delicate guidance. We have a team of women who do just that. We call them Nanas.

Our Nanas empower each individual to be their own healer by connecting to their deepest intuition and inner-knowledge. They embody the gentle, kind, compassionate, and caring qualities of the nurturing feminine. They are truly the heart and soul of the NANA process.  

Nanas are individually selected to facilitate a high level of support with personalized attention before, during, and after the mystical experience. Each Nana engages in ongoing "Wonder Woman Academy" trainings to develop a multi-faceted understanding of human suffering.

They’re trained in how to pair compounds with afflictions, how to administer progressively greater doses that elicit profound healing while minimizing fear and trauma, and how to foster lifestyle practices to help members thrive.

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The goal of NANA – and our Nanas – isn’t merely to end suffering. We’re here to help our members become their best possible selves.

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